Designing local clothing to accompany you from mountains to the sea, from the city to less-traveled trails. Using eco-friendly fabrics with environmentally conscious practices. Giving back to the community of single mothers. Always continuing to do what we do best: traveling between mother and daughter and stepping out of our comfort zone.


Designer and co-founder

At just nine years old, Carolann already had a vision: to become a fashion designer. Passionate about sports since forever, she carries the DNA of the sports world. Her love for the planet and her interest in eco-friendly fabrics led her towards creating with these values at the center. With over ten years of experience in the winter sports industry, she specialized in eco-friendly fabrics in 2013. With the entrepreneurial support of her mother, Carolann brought her vision to life by creating a brand in their image. She embodies the perfect fusion of creativity, a commitment to ecology, and expertise forged over the years. Carolann turned her passion into a reality. The Edge collection is infused with concerns for the environment, kindness to the community, diversity, and the designer's creativity. Carolann, an epicurean, adventurer, globe-trotter, embraces an inclusive world. Passion guides her towards fundamental values: family, friendship, and cherished shared moments.

photo Carolann
photo Chantal


Business development and co-founder

Chantal was born with a knack for business: at 27, a single mother with no money, she started her first company—nothing could stop her! Her desire to provide the best upbringing for her daughter propelled her throughout her career. Carolann was the driving force behind her motivation and the success of her various ventures. After working in her first business for 18 years, she decided to sell everything and travel the world. Her thirst for experiences in distant lands led her to walk the Camino de Santiago, reach the Everest base camp, and participate in several triathlons, including two Ironman 70.3 races! Always ready to help, Chantal is known for her big heart and selflessness in the community, where she is known as Mother Teresa! After selling her second business, Chantal is now embarking on a new career as a media consultant. This challenge allows her to nurture her passion for the community while becoming a source of inspiration for those around her. Furthermore, alongside her daughter Carolann, her great accomplice, they are pursuing a common dream: bringing the Edge Experience collection to life. It's never too late to make a dream come true!

Cap Jem

We have chosen to donate a percentage of our sales to Cap Jem, a nonprofit organization.

As a single-parent family, we, mother and daughter, have built a wonderful life with courage and perseverance. In return, we wish to to support and inspire these young single mothers with projects and dreams by creating a mirror effect, so that they can glimpse their own success through our experience.

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